Gideon Kowadlo


Towards Biologically Inspired Executive Control

Executive Control is core to what most people recognise as true intelligence. For example, the ability to attend to relevant cues and maintain task dependent information whilst ignoring distracting details and taking appropriate actions.  Working Memory (WM) is a core component of Executive Control. “Working memory is a short-term repository… Read More »Towards Biologically Inspired Executive Control

AHA! an ‘Artificial Hippocampal Algorithm’ for Episodic Machine Learning

We’re very happy to report that we recently published a preprint on AHA, an ‘Artificial Hippocampal Algorithm’ for Episodic Machine Learning. It’s the culmination of a multi-year research project and is a starting point for the next wave of developments. This article describes the motivation for developing AHA and a… Read More »AHA! an ‘Artificial Hippocampal Algorithm’ for Episodic Machine Learning

Hippocampus and the Episodic confusion (for machine learning)

The standard definitions of Episodic and Semantic Memory hide some important subtleties that impact the development of Machine Learning algorithms for AI (particularly those building Episodic Learning capability). This article explores this issue and provides a context for upcoming articles work to take us a step closer to 'animal-like' machine learning

Exciting New Directions in ML/AI

Over the last few years, there have been several breakthroughs and exciting new research directions in Reinforcement Learning, Hippocampus Inspired Architectures, Attention and Few-Shot Learning. There has been a move towards multi-component, heterogeneous, stateful architectures, many guided by ideas from cognitive sciences. Google DeepMind and Google Brain are leading the… Read More »Exciting New Directions in ML/AI

Datasets for Computer Vision

The dataset is an integral part of an ML engineer’s toolkit. We recently compiled useful information about a range of these well known datasets. It’s all in one place, and hopefully useful to others as well.

New approaches to Deep Networks – Capsules (Hinton), HTM (Numenta), Sparsey (Neurithmic Systems) and RCN (Vicarious)

  Reproduced left to right from [8,10,1] Within a 5 day span in October, 4 papers came out that take a significantly different approach to AI hierarchical networks. They are all inspired by biological principles to varying degrees. It’s exciting to see different ways of thinking. Particularly at a time… Read More »New approaches to Deep Networks – Capsules (Hinton), HTM (Numenta), Sparsey (Neurithmic Systems) and RCN (Vicarious)

Continuous Learning

  The standard machine learning approach is to learn to accomplish a specific task with an associated dataset. A model is trained using the dataset and is only able to perform that one task. This is in stark contrast to animals which continue to learn throughout life and accumulate and… Read More »Continuous Learning