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Mathematics of HTM by Fergal Byrne

If you’re looking for a formal and precise description of the current HTM/CLA algorithm, then this blog [1, 2] by Fergal Byrne may be of interest. Our experience is that while pseudocode is a good way of describing an algorithm, equations can often be more succinct and specific.

The CLA whitepaper [3] describes the algorithm via pseudocode, and leaves some crucial details to comments about method implementations. We found it difficult to reproduce the algorithm due to these missing details [67].

To be fair, Numenta does provide an open-source implementation of CLA called NUPIC [4], but it’s a little frustrating to have to piece together the details from the whitepaper and the code. I haven’t checked it all, but hopefully Fergal’s equations will provide a definitive reference.

Fergal is also working on an updated CLA whitepaper, currently hosted here [5].


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