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Introducing Abdel

Hello everyone! I am Abdelrahman Ahmed (or Abdel for short) and I joined the Project AGI team as a Research Assistant a few months ago. I thought it would be a good time to tell you more about myself and what I am working on at Project AGI.

Who am I?
Originally from Egypt, I studied Computer Science in the UK for about two years before transferring to the University of Technology Sydney. I am currently in the final semester of my degree with a major in Enterprise Systems Development and sub-major in Data Analytics. Before joining Project AGI, I worked as a Software QA Engineer Intern at Garmin in Germany, and more recently as a Software Engineer at ManageFlitter, a social media management company, in Sydney.

I try to spend most of my spare time learning more about machine learning through various online courses, books and academic papers.

Why did I join AGI?
I have always been fascinated with artificial intelligence. I learned a bit about symbolic artificial intelligence during my studies in the UK, and it was never really satisfying to me. I was excited to learn about machine learning compared to GOFAI, as it had way more potential. After completing the Machine Learning course on Coursera, I tried to get more involved in the community. I started tweeting about things I found interesting in the field, which is where I first met Gideon. I believe in Project AGI’s vision and mission, so I took the opportunity to be a part of it to learn more and make meaningful contributions to the field.

What will I be doing?
I predominately work with code, ranging from improving run-framework to implementing algorithms in the AGI framework. I also work on running and analysing experiments to evaluate different algorithms. You can also expect the occasional literature review from me.

Stay tuned for more posts from me on the Project AGI blog, and in the meantime, feel free to follow me on Twitter or my personal blog.

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