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Towards Biologically Inspired Executive Control

Executive Control is core to what most people recognise as true intelligence. For example, the ability to attend to relevant cues and maintain task dependent information whilst ignoring distracting details and taking appropriate actions.  Working Memory (WM) is a core component of Executive Control. “Working memory is a short-term repository… Read More »Towards Biologically Inspired Executive Control

Reading list – July 2015

This month’s reading list continues with a subtheme on recurrent neural networks, and in particular Long Short Term Memory (LSTM). First here’s an interesting report on a panel discussion about the future of Deep Learning at the International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML), 2015: Participants included Yoshua Bengio (University… Read More »Reading list – July 2015

Reading List – May 2015

John Lisman, “The Challenge of Understanding the Brain: Where We Stand in 2015“, Neuron, 2015 For many in ML and AI,  biological knowledge is focussed on cortex. This paper gives an excellent broad overview of current biological understanding of intelligence. Sebastian Billaudelle and Subutai Ahmad, “Porting HTM Models to the Heidelberg Neuromorphic… Read More »Reading List – May 2015