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2018 a Milestone for Project AGI

2018 is a fresh new year and an exciting milestone for Project AGI.

Dave and I have been discussing, dreaming, playing around with and striving towards general purpose AI for over 6 years.

It started with musings on the algorithmic underpinnings of consciousness and the nature of intelligence. We quickly moved into the more practical concerns of building a working algorithm. The project picked up pace and we started sharing our thoughts and progress with our blog.

We’ve been stealing hours here and there. Now, with the start of 2018, we are extremely excited to be launching Project AGI the startup. We’re a 3 person team with Dave and myself as Founder Directors, heading up Research and Abdel, our Research Engineer.

We’ve enjoyed being fully immersed and devoted to the project, and can’t wait to keep sprinting and updating you with developments throughout the year.

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