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AGI Experimental Framework

We’re very excited to launch AGI Experimental Framework, AGIEF, our open source framework. We first introduced it a while back, at the end of 2015 here, and it has certainly come a long way. AGIEF was created to make running rigorous AI experiments convenient, reproducible and scalable. The goals are:… Read More »AGI Experimental Framework

Introducing Yi-Ling

Hello everyone! I am Yi-Ling and I am the newest member of the AGI project team. It is an incredibly exciting time to be dipping one’s toes in the field of Artificial Intelligence, given the impressive progress and explosion of AI applications in recent years. In my case, I am… Read More »Introducing Yi-Ling

Region-Layer Experiments

Typical results from our experiments: Some active cells in layer 3 of a 3 layer network, transformed back into the input pixels they represent. The red pixels are positive weights and the blue pixels are negative weights; absence of colour indicates neutral weighting (ambiguity). The white pixels are the input… Read More »Region-Layer Experiments